What We Offer

As part of its mission, the IIC partners with the private sector in Latin America and the Caribbean to bolster competitiveness and growth while ensuring sustainability. It provides financial products and advisory services to large corporates, financial intermediaries, micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), and partially or wholly-owned state enterprises.

The IIC offers financing in the form of loans, equity investments and guarantees to encourage the establishment, expansion, and modernization of private and state-owned enterprises. It works closely with the private sector to help overcome core challenges to growth, to refine business strategies, and embrace new technologies to improve productivity.

IIC financing is also a catalyst for attracting other resources in the form of additional financing, technology, and know-how through co-financing and syndication in order to maximize developmental impact.

Projects financed by the IIC aim to offer profitable investment opportunities and foster economic development. From creating jobs and broadening capital ownership to facilitating transfers of resources and technology, projects should help spur economic growth and promote sustainability. Projects that generate foreign exchange income or promote the economic integration of Latin America and the Caribbean are also eligible for IIC funding.

All projects financed by the IIC are subject to an environmental and social review process, including but not limited to an assessment of compliance with domestic environmental legislation, waste management practices, and relevant occupational health and safety issues. The IIC only invests in for-profit projects and charges market rates for the products and services it provides.