Infrastructure 360º Awards

The Private Sector Infrastructure Sustainability Awards, or the Infrastructure 360° Awards, promotes sustainable infrastructure projects across Latin America and the Caribbean. It identifies, assesses and rewards investments made by the private sector and public-private partnerships in the IDB Group's 26 borrowing member countries.

Developed jointly with the Harvard Zofnass Program for Sustainable Infrastructure and managed by CG/LA Infrastructure, the Infrastructure 360° Awards seek to promote the integration of sustainability into the planning, design, construction and operation of infrastructure projects.

Who can participate?

Eligible projects must have at least 70 percent of construction works completed or have been in operation during the past three years, must have a total investment of $30 million or more, and have at least 51 percent equity owned by a private sector entity. Projects must belong to the following sectors: energy, transportation, water, waste and telecommunications.

What are the categories?


  • Infrastructure 360 Award – exhibits the most comprehensive performance and that stands out among all the finalists in improving people’s quality of life and the environment. It will serve as a model of excellence in sustainability practices throughout the region.
  • People and Leadership Award – exhibits the greatest extent of positive impact on people’s quality of life and the community where it is located, immediately and throughout the lifecycle of the project.
  • Climate and Environment Award – exhibits outstanding performance in areas such as the use of resources in a way that minimizes environmental impact; the use of sustainable-certified materials and the efficient use of resources; and actions to limit greenhouse gas emissions to minimize the long-term carbon footprint of the project.
  • Transformational Project Award – exhibits innovative standards and approaches that could help transform the development of infrastructure. Such project may take place within a challenging environmental and/or social context, requiring more creativity and ingenuity in order to meet its sustainability goals.

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