beyondBanking Awards

Each year at the IDB-IIC Annual Meetings, the beyondBanking Awards are given to the most sustainable environmental, social and corporate governance projects implemented by financial intermediaries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Financial intermediaries may include commercial banks, investment funds and capital market issuers.

The 8 Award Categories are:

  • accessBanking Award – Promoting financial deepening strategies
  • clearBanking Award – Strengthening corporate governance, risk management and sustainability reports
  • connectBanking Award – Utilizing new information and communication technologies
  • equalBanking Award – Encouraging gender equality and diversity
  • learnBanking Award – Fostering financial literacy
  • planetBanking Award – Adapting and responding to the effects of climate change
  • Socially Responsible/Impact Investment Award – Best socially responsible and/or impact investment
  • beyondBanking People’s Choice Award – Most popular initiative

Why was beyondBanking created?

beyondBanking was created to contribute to the formation of the Bank of the Future, a model of business that:

  • Combines financial profitability with social and environmental returns
  • Promotes principles of transparency, accountability and integrity
  • Seeks to reach more people through more channels
  • Respects the environment and the community in which it operates

Who can participate?

All financial intermediaries can participate that have operations in Latin America and the Caribbean and an interest in embedding sustainability principles as a core part of their business. Participants may include:

  • Commercial banks
  • Investment funds
  • Capital market issuers
  • Other financial intermediaries

Click here to apply