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Angela Miller

Principal Environmental and Social Specialist, Environmental, Social and Governance Division, IIC

Angela Miller works in the Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance Division, where the environmental, social, and corporate governance issues of the projects are assessed in order to improve the IIC's development impact on the region.

Angela, who has dual US and Colombian citizenship, has more than 20 years of experience in environmental and social management. In 1999 she joined the IIC, where she worked to assess the environmental and social impact of the proposed investments and supervise implementation of risk prevention and mitigation measures. Also, for the last 13 years she has led the IIC's training program for financial entities on managing environmental and social risk in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Prior to her arrival to the IIC, she worked as an environmental engineer for the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) and a number of environmental consulting firms, including URS.

Angela holds a Bachelor of Science in environmental engineering from Queens University in Ontario, Canada, and a Master of Science from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, United Kingdom. She also holds a lead auditor certification for ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Bianca Zambao

Itau Bank, Brasil

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Colin Mckee

Environmental and Social Officer, Environmental, Social and Governance Division, IIC

Colin works with Financial Intermediaries (FIs), renewable energy and agribusiness clients, and offers advisory services to better manage environmental risks and opportunities at the IIC. Most recently, his work has explored the use of satellite imagery and data visualization to manage FI portfolio risk, particularly related to deforestation.

Prior to joining the IDB Group, Colin was a sustainability consultant for PwC in London, working with clients on sustainable finance, socio-economic impact assessment and climate change. He has also worked extensively as a consultant for IFC and the United Nations Environment Programme.  Colin has a master's degree in International Economics from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and an MBA from the French Business School INSEAD.

Doris Arévalo Ordóñez

Bancoldex, Colombia

Doris is an economist at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, with additional studies in Finance, Foreign Trade and Strategic Marketing. she worked for 7 years in the administrative and financial areas, and has been linked to the financial sector for 20 years in entities such as Banco Real (now Scotiabank-Colpatria), Banco GNB Sudameris and currently at Bancoldex.

In the first-tier financial entities she served as Commercial Manager, Senior Manager and Corporate Banking and Official Banking Manager. At Bancóldex, she was the Business Banking Director for 3 years, and then Business Intelligence Director for 8 years. Since October 2015 she is Manager of the Global Flows Business Unit that addresses the needs of the export sector, the landing of foreign direct investment and Bancóldex's environmental strategy. Particularly in the environmental strategy, she led the implementation for the operation of the environmental and social risk management model, and is currently is responsible it. She aimed at channeling resources from the international climate funds through the Multilateral Banking for the design of financial instruments for climate mitigation and adaptation projects. She also represents Bancóldex in Green Protocol led by Asobancaria, in UNEP-FI and in the Financial Management Committee of SISCLIMA in Colombia.

Felipe Varela

Senior Environmental Specialist, Environmental, Social and Governance Division, IIC

During the last eleven years, Felipe Varela has been responsible for engineering, environment, and workplace health and safety on projects financed by the IIC in South America (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay). He participates in the project assessment teams and monitors the implementation of risk prevention and mitigation measures, as well as supervises compliance with the technical and environmental standards required by law or agreement for the projects in the portfolio. He also collaborates on the organization and development of the IIC's environmental courses and workshops. Prior to his current position, he worked for nine years as an investment officer for the IIC.

Before coming to the IIC, he worked as the production manager of a Uruguayan company that washed and combed wool for export; in industrial assembly; and in energy planning.

He holds a degree in industrial mechanical engineering from the Universidad de la República Oriental del Uruguay; a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and an MBA from ORT Uruguay.

Franco Piza

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Isabel Mantilla Naranjo

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Jaime García Alba

Principal, Non-Financial Products and Services, IIC

Jaime oversees the Inter-American Investment Corporation’s (IIC) Advisory Services and Blended Finance program, focused on mainstreaming sustainability considerations in private investment in Latin America and the Caribbean. Prior to that he was the Head of Sustainability Reporting and Private Sustainability Finance at the UN Global Compact, where he coordinated the involvement of businesses and institutional investors in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Finance for Development Conference and the COP 21.

Jaime has also worked at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), where he led the development of the IDB’s sustainability action plan and the Bank’s efforts to increase the strategic focus and development impact of its private sector activities. His earlier career spanned technology and management consulting, international development project management, and start-ups. Jaime attended ICAI University, Madrid, and Ecole Centrale de Paris, where he received a dual degree in Industrial and Electrical Engineering.

Luiz Fernando do Amaral

Global Executive Manager - GFW Commodities & Finance, World Resources Institute

Luiz is the Global Executive Manager for GFW Commodities and Finance at the World Resources Institute. Previously, he served as Head of Sustainability for Rabobank in South America, also sitting on the sustainability council at Brazilian Federation of Banks (Febraban). Before joining Rabobank, Luiz held board position at the Brazilian National Fund for Climate Change (FUNDO CLIMA), served as Head of the Brazilian delegation at International Standardization Organization (ISO) committee for bioenergy sustainability and as the Sustainability Manager at Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (UNICA). Luiz holds a master’s degree in international economics from the Institut d’études politiques de Paris (Sciences Po) and is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of São Paulo (USP), working on the impacts of information technology on sustainable rural development. A former recipient of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) fellowship on agriculture and climate change, he has authored several research studies and op-eds on sustainability, finance and rural development.

Marta Viegas

Lead Officer in Corporate Governance, IIC

Marta is the Corporate Governance Lead Officer at the Inter-American Investment Corporation - IIC, based in Washington DC. She is responsible for the oversight of corporate governance risk in relation to the IIC’s operations and for providing expert advice regarding corporate governance risk appraisal, management and mitigation. She advises on issues such as minority shareholders’ rights, board effectiveness, transparency and control environment, management liability, related party transactions and conflicts’ of interest.  

Before joining the IIC, she worked in private law firms in Brazil and in the U.S.A for more than 18 years, being partner of a major Brazilian firm for almost 10 years. She served as director of the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance – IBGC for 3 years and coordinated the efforts to create the Brazilian Corporate Governance Code under the “comply or explain” model. She also served in the audit committee and fiscal council of Brasilprev Seguros e Previdência S.A., one of the largest Brazilian private pension companies, for 8 years.

She has a bachelor’s degree from Pontifícia Universidade Católica São Paulo (PUC/SP) and a LL.M/K degree from the Law School of Northwestern University and the Kellogg School of Management.

Mariángeles Camargo

Consultant, MC3 Sustainability Consulting

Mariángeles combines her deep finance background with extensive experience as an independent consultant in sustainable finance in Latin America. For the last 14 years she has focused her attention on the business case of sustainability for financial institutions. She applies her knowledge of best international standards for environmental and social risk management of projects, to advise and train financial institutions in the design and implementation of environmental and social risk management policies, systems and tools.

Mariángeles has developed tools, content and facilitated numerous trainings (online and face-to-face) about environmental and social risk management, green homes and energy efficiency financing. She launched her career as a banker in Colombia and after 12 years of working in commercial banking, investment banking, private equity and project finance, she became an independent consultant. Her financial sector experience includes working at Suleasing Internacional (Bancolombia Group), IFC and UBS. As an independent consultant she has advised multiple financial institutions in the region including multilaterals like IDB, IIC and CAF. Mariangeles is a Business Administrator from Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga, holds a Master of Science in Finance from Bentley College and a Certificate of Special Studies in Administration and Management from Harvard University Extension School.  She is accredited by BSI as Internal Auditor (TPECS) for OSHAS 18001-2007, and Lead Auditor (TPECS) for ISO 14001:2015.

Omar Fernandez

Risk Manager, Sudameris Bank

Omar is Corporate Risk Manager of Sudameris Bank, which is responsible for the identification and mitigation of environmental and social risks of the projects to be financed. He has a degree in Accounting and Business Administration, both from the National University of Asunción, has a master's degree in Banking Business and Financial Operator from the Alcalá de Henares University of Spain, another master's degree in Business Administration from the School of Business Administration , and a post-graduate degree in Financial Management from the American University. He has more than 25 years of experience in the Paraguayan financial system, forming part of the group of banks of international groups such as Central Hispano, O'Higgins Central Hispano, Santander, Unibanco and Itaú Unibanco. He is Coordinator of the Committee on Credit Matters of the Association of Banks (ASOBAN), founding member of the Table of Sustainable Finances of Paraguay (MFS); and one of the benchmarks in terms of sustainability strategies in finance.

Paula Valencia

Environmental, Social and Governance Officer, Environmental, Social and Governance Division, IIC

Paula is an Industrial Engineer from the Univerisity Javeriana (Cali, Colombia). She holds an MSc. in Environmental Policies from Johns Hopkins University (USA). She has ample experience in the public and private sector in Latin American and the Caribbean, having worked for the IADBG for more than 11 years. Her main role at the IIC is to evaluate environmental and social risks in its operations, propose mitigating measures that are consistent with international best practices, supervise the development and sustainability of projects, offer technical assistance to clients and generate knowledge products. Paula has ample experience working mainly in projects related to Financial Intermediaries as well as agricultural, manufacturing and energy sectors.

Thais Zylbersztajn Fontes

CSR Team Leader, Brazil

Thais is responsible for the socio-environmental area in Rabobank Brazil. She is responsible for tracing the image, credit and legal risk mitigation strategies related to social and environmental aspects, and the strategies of sharing knowledge, customer engagement and network related to the subject. Thais is also responsible for implementing internal improvements in order to better serve Rabobank’s Clients. Before assuming the area in 2016, Thais has served for 4 years as social and environmental analyst.

Thais Holds a bachelor's degree in Veterinary Medicine and has a  post-graduate degree in Food Quality Management. She is also in the final phase of the Agribusiness Management MBA at University of São Paulo, USP. Before joining Rabobank, she worked for nine years in the Quality Management area of Tortuga (veterinary products industry), now part of the DSM group.