EN_COUNTRY_BS-Ministry of Finance



Board of Governors

Peter Turnquest

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance

Ministry of Finance

Marlon S. Johnson

Acting Financial Secretary

Ministry of Finance

Board of Executive Directors

Selwin Charles Hart

Shareholding Structure

Bahamas, Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago



US$ 3,788,149 (thousands)

Recent Projects

Project Name Approval Date Amount
GBUC Smart Water Meter Investment Program 12/21/2017 $ 4,500,000
Arawak Port Expansion and Energy Efficiency Program 06/15/2017 $ 3,000,000
CBC Solar PV Project 12/07/2016 $ 1,000,000
Southern Air Charter Company Limited 09/02/2014 $ 2,100,000
Waterfields Company Limited 10/07/1996 $ 1,000,000